Founded by Ivan Nikolsky (Enty8080)




About ehtools framework

Wi-Fi tools keep getting more and more accessible to beginners, and the Ehtools Framework is a framework of serious penetration tools that can be explored easily from within it. This powerful and simple tool can be used for everything from installing new add-ons to grabbing a WPA handshake in a matter of seconds. Plus, it's easy to install, set up, and utilize.

The Ehtools Framework

The Ehtools Framework site:


Download Ehtools Framework:


UX/UI Impruvements for begginers

The Ehtools Framework starts by merely typing the letter ehtools or eht into a terminal window, then it asks for the name of your network interfaces after the first run. It uses the names you supply to connect to the tools needed to execute any attacks you select. Aside from that initial input, the majority of the possible attacks can be performed merely by choosing the option number from the menu. This means you can grab a network handshake or download a new hacking tool like Pupy by just selecting from one of the menu options.

How to install PRO

> git clone

> cd ehtools

> chmod +x

> ./

How to install LITE

> git clone

> cd ehtoolslite

> chmod +x

> ./