Founded by Ivan Nikolsky (enty8080)

Entynet Router

Entynet Route (ER) - network within another network (false network).

More information is provided on the cards included with Entynet Router.

When you connect the router to another network through the green grass Protocol forms a false network ER to which you can connect and use someone else's network through ER.

Build #2 (access to onion sites)

With the new built-in microcontroller Look Onion in Entynet Router you can use ER to log on to onion sites through the look onion browser and others.

ER is divided into two parts:

1. False net (false network)

2. Control net (controlling network)

False net is a network inside a foreign network that the administrator does not see.

Control net - with the help of the Entynet Router you can see and manage the same routers nearby, via IP scanner.

Also, if you specify someone else's ip address in the router settings, you can steal an Internet connection from him and use it due to the traffic of the specified ip address.


Price: 50.000₽

License for anonymity and password: 10.000₽

(not for sale!!!)