Founded by Ivan Nikolsky (enty8080)

Entynetproject Organization

Entynetproject is an organization for the development of information security projects and penetration testing tools like Ehtools and Arissploit frameworks.

Founder - Ivan Nikolsky (enty8080) 



Twitter - @entynetproject

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Some Entynetproject Termins

*Entynet - Generic name of the Entynetproject Orgenization projects like the "EPK - Entynet Pentester Kit" or the "Ehtools Framework - Entynet Hacker Tools Framework".

Entynetproject Members

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The enty's devices

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This is our technology

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Our technology

We change our world thanks to homemade devices that improve people's lives and give them the opportunity to discover something new!


 Blue point - The WiFi Ant!

This device is connected to the computer's processor and creates its own network in it wifi - ant, it can also be connected to the receiver to control wireless communication with the antenna

 Version: 0.8.0


Port 8080

Port 8080 is a helper program that is designed to help the protocols and ports of our devices: Electro modul, Entynet, Telecom modul and so on. Important: if you have problems with the devices you bought from us, activate port 8080 in the Open port program.

port 8080 (Pic. One)

Open port (Pic. Two)




Ehtools Framework

Download Ehtools Framework LITE or buy PRO

Entynet PI

(The development board for USB injection)

Entynet PI

Entynet PI is a development board that can be programmed with the Arduino IDE.

Entynet router

See more about entynet router!


Green grass is a Protocol by which " ENTYNET "router works anonymously, also with the help of Green grass it becomes anonymous.

The Green grass Protocol can be controlled through a special program that can be obtained in the "Entynet"package.

This is our technology...


Routers, recivers, modules - it's our hobby!